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Hear from the Runners & Volunteers

Matt M.

"I had just started to really get to know people in EDRRC (and CTW) around February 2022 and then came the call for volunteers at the Millbrook Marathon. Some (mainly Angela) tried to convince me to run it, but I resisted because I told myself I was not ready and had a big marathon goal for the fall. So I signed up to volunteer instead. I had so much fun volunteering and now know well many of the people I cheered on at Canoe Hill Road or up Horseshoe. That day I was convinced that I would run it in 2023. When registration opened up, I think I signed up that day and now ready to conquer the beautiful rolling hills of Millbrook. While it may be a small, local marathon you never feel alone while out there due to the great camaraderie of other runners and volunteers from EDRRC."

Matt S.

"I have run a few marathons and many half marathons, some of which were in NY City. I know everyone loves the energy down there, but I always felt so alone in those large races. I ran Millbrook in 2021 and 2022; I loved the energy of the spectators, the camaraderie of the runners, and the spectacular views. Often spectators and volunteers were driving passed to get to a later spot shouting and cheering as they passed. The cheering, especially by name, the cowbell (Mel), dancing (Genie) and dinosaurs (I think Jennifer R.) just added to the experience. It’s a tough marathon, but the scenery helps the time and discomfort pass easily."


"I think an important part is our volunteer participation. It is awesome to have local runners and friends support along the entire course. We have many great volunteers."


Year one I volunteered on my bike and gave away all my nutrition but I think you got that covered the next year. Anyway GU Roctane can save the day for those who tank at the wall mile 16/17/18 or three hours in. Those amino acids make the difference.


We have volunteered at the last two Millbrook Marathons … (Water Table 2). We’ve clocked A LOT of mileage in the last seven decades & run A LOT of races. However nothing is as satisfying as giving back & supporting the Local Running Community & those behind the scenes (John & Holly) who make these events a reality.


"To me, this event is about the community and the volunteers. I can’t wait to sign up every year and i consider myself so fortunate to be able to train and enjoy the race course along with all the Hillz and scenery it has to offer. It’s such a rewarding way to celebrate a winter of training knowing that everyone out there went through a similar experience and is getting to take on the course together. The chit chat along the course with other runners is so great too and makes the miles fly by. But seeing all those smiling faces and hearing all those cowbells from the volunteers and spectators (and photographers!) is what this race is all about for me."


"The course is truly spectacular - probably one of the most beautiful marathon courses in the state of New York. On top of the mountain views, horse farms, and small town charm, the course support is incredible! Every volunteer treats you like a friend and with that level of support, how can you not smile every mile?"


"I have been a volunteer for this race for the past 2 years, motivating people by running part of Horseshoe with them. If you know me well you know that I hate hills but this year I decided to do it. So I’m ready to embrace all of it."
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