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Course Description

The course starts at the Town of Washington Park and quickly turns on to some beautiful country roads where you'll pass horse and cattle farms. You may even hear the howls of the fox hounds as you run through the first few miles of the course. The country scenery continues as you hit some lovely downhill sections of the course along Shunpike and Stanford Rd. As you turn onto Canoe Hill, you're suddenly surrounded by dense woods and the sound of a slowly trickling creeks. This dirt road section is the perfect place to push your pace a bit on your way to the halfway point near the old Millbrook Training Center on Fowler Road.


As you hit the second half of the race, you'll run down South road admiring more farms and some truly impressive country mansions. The signature climb of the marathon awaits you at Horseshoe Road - but don't be scared, you're sure to be met with the best volunteers and spectators cheering you up the climb the entire way! After a couple more miles of gentle road, you'll ascend Altamont, once again surrounded by the most beautiful farms. A surprise awaits you at the top of this hill - a stunning view of the Catskills off in the distance!


Soon after you'll enjoy a lovely downhill stretch before your final couple miles of the race on Little Rest Rd, another backroad treasure in Millbrook. Turn back into the Town of Washington Park to a cheering crowd and celebrate your accomplishment with a stunning handmade medal and plenty of post-race snacks and refreshments.

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